dilluns, d’octubre 04, 2004

Life is like a box of chocolate..

Being one of the nightdwellers of Barcelona..
me and some friends bought ourselves ´a caja con pan con chocolate´
at a ´panaderia´, quite early in the morning.

Let me tell you..
if you want to meet some people,
do the following:

Buy a box with these croissants with chocolate..
and walk with just two persons behind the box..
everybody will notice that a whole box might be just a little much for just two persons..
and every hungry soul on the street that you meet,
will ask you for one.

We met maybe fifteen people like this.
Four Catalans took us to a party because of the contact we made.

You make contacts at night so fast..
One of the things I love about this city..
you can just have a conversation with about everybody.

Some interesting, some quite surficial..

you never know what you´re gonna get..


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Kaj!

It seems like you are making lots of new friends here.

Well done


6 d’octubre de 2004 a les 1:42  

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