dijous, de novembre 11, 2004

As being human, Dutch, a comment on the things happening in my country

Send an inspirationfire to the right person at the right time to say the right words at the right place for shedding light into the darkness, ignorance, surpass prejudice and fear, revive the bonding of people under the same roof, to show the humanity we posess in our being, which shows when people are in very long delayed trains together, when people are together in the same boat. The connections between people out of the ordinary that happen in situations where they unify in opinion and experience about what is happening.

A fire is burning in hearts of people, against wrong..
a flame in the belly can be found, against injustice
don´t stop caring or let yourselve be led into a extremely onesided point ofview
start caring about where we are going together.

That´s what I think.