dissabte, de novembre 13, 2004

Expectations of Barcelona..

When I was still looking for he right study to commence,
I encountered my present school, which had the possibiliy to go to foreign countries in the third year.
That was one of the factors that made me choose my studies.
And now here I am, in my third year, in Barcelona Spain.
To me, going outside of my country is the ideal way to develop oneself, interculturally, personal growth, lenguages, aother learning climate, another climae and a different environment in which I could break away from old grown in patterns. First my plans were to go to Brussels.., but..
since I had taken up a Spanish course in my school and had met a group of Catalan students who came to my school in the Netherlands, my enthousiasm about Barcelona grew.
Then I saw the movie ´L´auberge Espanol´ and I really felt like I would miss out if I would not use the opportunity to go to Barcelona in the Autumn course, a sudy progtram our school offers.
So, the will was there, but I already had an appointment to go to Brussels..
As I read the text above my desk, I made my decision.

The text says:
¨Dreaming, one does not learn,
bu one can learn the guts to make them happen.¨

With this is called and made my arrangements to come to Barcelona.
After hearing stories from people who had been here, talked with the group of Catalan students, after I saw the movie.. I really had high expectations about Barcelona. I though it would be the place for my were I would finally free myself from some old patterns and come in o a current that would develop me as a person. I would suck in the experience. I ook a flight a week earlier than my fellow sudents and decided I myself wanted to find a room and commence my adventure. Maybe because I imagined this to be the place were I would finally spread my wings, it happened more easily. Sitting in the plane, just said goodbye to my father, I felt scared, but also very powerful. here I was, on my way to persue my legend, and my dream, for this time being.

In concrete assumptions, I thought about the climate, the warmer culture, the options to meet so many new people, the beauty of the city, the beauty of the women, etc. When I flew over Barcelona, it was much bigger than I thought. Ever since I am here, things are coming and going and within this maze of possibilities I think I am learning quite a few things. As I expected. Some life lessons I will take with me from this place. With that, and with the feeling, wih more feeling of confidence, I have fullfilled my expectation of growing here on a personal level. The climate was as warm, as I imagined, although I must say that the last days have been a little bit more cold than I prepared myself for. he people are nice and warm, alhough in subways, they look just as withdrawn as in the Netherlands. Something to do wih being sober in public spaces like trains and subways? Well, I guess some caracteristics of the people can be found in al sorts of palces were the culture is alike.
I do was a bit amazed by the international population in this city. The entire world seems o live in BArcelona, ofcourse, mainly from Spain, Caalunya and South America, but many, many countries are represented by inhabitants of this city. I should have known, but it is an aspect that I did not expect on forehand. I like it very much. Just in my street live Swedish, Catalan, Dutch, Pakistan, Indian, Maroccan, German, French, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, Chilen, Argentinan, English, Australian, South African, etc, etc. people. Te entire world in nacionalities live in the same street, and in peace too!

I expected to fall in love with the ciy, and in many ways I have fallen, in love. There are many cool things, beautiful things, amazing things in Barcelona. For me it is a place of roads and people meeting, passing on, staying, living, learning, falling in love, and going on strong. A time I will never forget, and as expected, I just might prospone my leaving for some time.