diumenge, de novembre 21, 2004

Intervistes con catalanes

Teachers in school, as well here as in the Netherlands told me that Catalan are, in mayority, shy and a bit reserved. I have did not experience this. They are so open when you ask them questions. To me they´ve always responded in a very open manner. I can commence a conversation with these people whereever whenever so it seems. At least untill now. I interviewed four people. The first was my flatmate Jonathan. All the people I interviewed were born here in, or just in the outerskirts of Barcelona. Jonathan is 28 years old. His younger cousin felt strongly in favor of independency. Unfortunately, I did´t got through to him again, after the first time I talked with him. Jonathan feels Catalan, for Catalan is his first lenguage, but he feels more as a person of the world than that he does feel himself ´Catalan´. Therefor he doesn´t feel strong for independency either, unlike his younger cousin. He sees a could be economic advantage for Catalunya in being independent, but, he things that Catalunya ´cut of´ of Spain will only reinforce the focus on self, instead of looking out, into the rest of the world.
Monica, a 36 year old woman I met on Ramblas de Raval where she has a selling t-shirt stand, felt quite the same. She as well, felt more of the world in the first place. She was more in favor of the personal independency than that of Catalunya. She felt Catalan, for being born here. She said being Catalan for her, is ´una mierda´ because there is too much nacionalism. In her opinion that´s a reason why there is so little expension. She things that Barcelona is too focused on what there is to get for them, instead of looking more to what´s happening outside. The third person I interviewed, my upper-neighbour, awnsers the questions very similar. He aswell felt more of the world than being of Catalunya. I seem to have interviewed very alike persons. Maybe it´s just I step into communication with those people I feel drawn too and they have a likewise state of seeing things. I don´t know. For this reason I asked a boy from Sant Ignasi about his views, for I kew he was in favor of the independency. His name is Otger, he is 21 years old. When I compared the Catalans with ´Friesland´, a provence in the Neherlands where they speak another lenguage, he told me to take another point of view. He said, no look at it like this, that Germany would still be in power over the Netherlands, and more and more peole would just speak in German and Dutch was just something for local people. I never thought about it in that way. I was looking from the point of view of a foreigner, a ´giri´. Compared the situation to the Netherlands.. where Friesland is not claiming independency, why would they? I could grasp some of the feeling why Catalans would like independency.. I would like people adressing me in Dutch as well when I am in the Netherlands, instead of German because I speak it. But then again, I never mind speaking English in my country to foreigners. So is it a difference in feeling surpressed? A lack of widening view? I can feel both sides as partly true. (he remaining contradictions may paralel the truth.)