dissabte, de desembre 04, 2004

Short summary of things I have done.


Thank Goodness I have written a diary from the moment I hooped aboard the plane.
That is my best advice for anyone coming to this town.
The other day I was sitting in a little bar, writing about my previous night experience and remembered a lot more then if I hadn´t written. I was smiling all the time of the memories. And it is so good to write down your thoughts and feelings. In Barcelona I have experienced that time really flies by hard. Sometimes you feel like you lack the time to integrate and contemplate all your experiences. Well, I have felt that way, so a diary will give you good written memories, you learn to write better and get your head clean after it´s fulness of cool experiences and thought here in Barcelona.

I started with going to Barcelona a week earlier than the rest of the Nijmegen group. I wanted my own little adventure. I booked a Hostel for 7 days, and believed that I would find a nice room within this time. Well, funny enough I met a guy in the bus from the airport to the hostel, and I got to live with the first guy of my age I talked to. Talk about going for something you want and the universe that will help you achieve it. If you feel up to it,
going alone and doing your own thing would be my advise. Go with the flow, especially your own flow.

I have done just so many things, and all of them have left an impression. In the beginning of my stay I engulfed in nightlife. Meeting new people every day in the streets, in the clubs, friends of friends, going to parties outside of the city.. I kind of lost my balance because I slept so little and parties so much. The slogan the Finnish people used in their presentation I find very true. Remember, after fiesta, la siesta. Barcelona nightlife, always as appaeling as it is is just one of the many temptaions ande possible routs to follow. Barcelona is rich of doing about every hobby or sport you want to. I found Aikido, Capoeira, Modern dance, Tai Chi, Singing classes, Spanish courses, I very nice library, the point is, you can´t do all of them, and have a rich nightlife, and go to university and have a girlfriend and etc. So I concentrated on Spanish course, Singing classes, school and the nightlife, although on a less frequesnt basis. A party will be better anyway when you´re properly rested. And since Barcelona is full of parties every day, save yourself for the beter ones.

Okay, this is suppost to be a summary so I´ll name some things I did. Ofcourse going to the beach and taking sunbaths and meeting up with girls to go to parties in the night was among them. I met a really nice girl this way and we had a wonderful week together. Seeing the surroundings, where your at, is very important I think. To take your time to go to the special spots of the city and take a good look around. The view from Tibidabo and Montjuic are very very nice. Also, buy a bike, or bring a longboard, and that´s a really nice way to transport yourself through this city. Go local to live with Spanish (speaking) people. Good for your Spanish and I think you´ll get more woven into the life of Barcelona. Take up a Spanish course in the Ramblas, good teacher relatively cheap and you´ll get around better. I´ve seen Montserrat which is a very beautiful place. The Sagrada Familia.. I still have to go inside, I promised my dad. Just going on a walkabout in barrio borne or barrio gotico leads you to many many nice things to see, as well as a person must check out Gracia and plaza del sol overthere. LifestyleBarcelona offered a paraglide on their website. It was nice to take the experience, go all the way up to Berga by bus and take the jump. Next time I would take the skydive. The Oveja Negra is a nice bar near the Ramblas because of the mix between international students and locals I think. Also a bit of a meatmarket...

I experienced many many things. The most important to me is to follow my own flow and needs, when you´re tired, go rest, when you feel lonely, go wandering around, when you feel energetic, go party. Go sit and drink tea/coffee in Starbucks or ´La paciencia´in barrio Raval where you can take a moment of peace and see life pass by all around you. Go out, you´ll meet beautiful people and tons of possibilities. Take up the road you like to walk. It is a beautiful and intense city in which I have learned many things. Choose for yourself and get rewarded. Most impressive is the pace of the city. People actually walk a bit more relaxed and slowly than in the Netherlands. People are very open and I have experienced very warm to eachother. This openness, the ability to meet so many new people allows you to look, wander, learn and share universes with others. The intenseness of that will mark me from these days forward I think. All the separate experiences are nice, going up`for the view, dancing outside of Barcelona in the middle of a forest seeing the sun come up, meeting a wonderful person, etc. It is the accumalation of all these experiences and beautiful, as well as ugly moments, that make an intense experience with far more livelyness every day then I have experienced before.

Walk your own path. Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar.


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